Digital printing has very fast set-up times

Although we are small, Harrisons is an experienced business that has worked hard over the years to meet its client’s expectations and desires. Being one of the top companies specialising in digital magazine printing Croydon has to offer, people come to us with their requests and we work to deliver in spectacular fashion. With excellent prices and short lead times, there’s no one more suited for the job than we are.

One of the most impressive advantages digital printing has to offer is the rapid set-up times. This is because there is no need to create a plate for a press. Instead the prints are done digitally using a combination of lasers, static charges, and either wet or liquid toner.

When you think about digital printing you will probably think of the desktop printer you have at home or the one in your office. Sophisticated presses are more advanced though. This means they can provide much tighter tolerances in terms of accuracy and colours. Surprisingly this development came because of experience gained with traditional plate printing. Improvements in software have also enhanced print quality.

Digital printing is the best option for small and medium runs of materials, especially when regular services are needed. This is because the rapid set-up keeps lead times and prices down. If you have a tight deadline for turnaround this is the service for you.

At Harrisons, our attention to detail has led to numerous positive reviews from customers and helped us to build a wide array of long running relationships. We deliver consistent results every time, ensuring the printed materials will make a great impression. If you need digital magazine printing Croydon has no better provider than us.

Anyone who is interested in working with us can choose either to call the company or send an email. We look forward to hearing about your project and discussing the printing solutions we can offer.