How many pages should a magazine have?

Most people use digital sources to find out more about a business. This doesn’t mean that printed materials don’t offer great opportunities though. In fact their physical nature means they are very engaging and can make a wonderful impression on the reader. With this in mind you should consider investing in actual materials.

Harrisons is the best name for digital magazine printing Bromley has, building a reputation for quality and value for money. We would like to provide some more information to help you decide what design choices to opt for should you settle on promotional magazines.

One of the most important things to think about is page count. The more pages, generally the higher the investment. If the magazine is longer it also needs to be able to keep the attention of the reader; the last thing you want is them to disregard it because of the length or fail to absorb the information.

So how many pages is the right number? It all comes down to what you want to say and audience expectations. If they expect to see long, detailed articles then you will need the page space. Alternatively, if it is a catalogue you may need space to include all of the high quality images. Fewer pages means less space to utilise but you may be more likely to hold the full attention of the reader.

It is wise to consider the printing when thinking about the number of pages. Printers can typically cater for all kinds of requirements but the time it takes to print and the costs can vary substantially. It is widely believed that 16 page full press sheet printing is the most efficient option and can provide a good combination of space and cost.

A final thing to consider is how large each run will be. You can opt for batches as small as 50 up to thousands of copies. Again keep cost in mind and the impact this will have on the print method that needs to be used. Digital printing is generally the best for smaller batches whereas litho can provide economies of scale when producing thousands of magazines.

At Harrisons we cater for a wide array of different requirements, supporting customers in choosing the perfect service for their needs. If you would like to work with the best team for digital magazine printing Bromley has, please give us a call. We are excited to hear about the specifics of your promotional ideas.