Incorporate these marketing tips this year

If you are beginning to think, or have thought for a while, your business’ marketing strategies need refreshing then what better time to do it than in 2018? There are many methods Harrisons Print suggest to clients for aiding in the generation of sales, all the while increasing brand awareness. As one of best providers of digital magazine printing Bromley has, we can help you to achieve more success.

Here are some of our top marketing tips for 2018

One way companies have gained more brand awareness is through printing services. Print marketing can be especially beneficial as there are fewer distractions for people from reading your creative brochure or business card.

Digital print is up and coming; with businesses opting for establishing direct-mail posting campaigns, which is typically paired with business’ social media platforms. In circumstances where your particular image or idea isn’t top quality, you will find digital printing methods are more acceptable as it produces a better resolution and overall better quality product.

Not only are brochures and leaflets advantageous, but so are creative infographics and many other forms of physical direct mail. The current economic climate has shown more and more people are leaning towards digital printing means, creating unpredictable sales for printers. This is why an increasing number of businesses have been looking to digital means as well as litho; producing low amounts of magazines can help with efficiency, the environment and is more financially viable considering the current economic climate.

Additionally, by using digital methods a cross-platform model can be established. This will help to produce and deliver content to many digital and print platforms.

Stickers are another product that can be created using digital methods. They are a fun way of spreading your brand, and can be successful in encouraging people to search for your business.

Sometimes it isn’t easy producing your own marketing merchandise. Harrisons Print understands this but offers a range of professional services. Outsourcing from qualified providers helps to ease any other work pressures, while supplying you with a variety of different marketing options.

If you are interested in working with the top company for digital magazine printing Bromley has, or require more information on other services, contact us today. We can work with you going forward or provide a one-off service if you prefer.