Knowing your print supplier

As a major supplier of digital magazine printing Bromley businesses can rely on, we know what makes a trustworthy supplier. We feel it’s our duty to inform customers what to expect from our industry. This is because the number of printers has increased in recent years. Thankfully, this means you are spoilt for choice, though you need to get the most out of your money. So, the following is something you need to take note of, especially when investing online.

How to ensure print quality?

Generally, most online print companies offer fixed prices for various product numbers. However, the design can affect these prices. If their pricing seems too good to be true, it probably is. Never simply opt for the lowest possible price; you may regret it.

To judge the print quality, check to see if they provide a range of paper weights and types. This is vital to examine as no one wants a poorly made, flimsy promotional materials. Furthermore, the colours and design should stay true to the original. So, ask the company to provide some samples of their work. This way you can also tell if they use high quality digital magazine printing equipment.

Will my print products arrive on time?

Business is business, so meeting deadlines is very important. To ensure your delivery time is guaranteed, check the delivery options. Moreover, the printer should provide a quote for your assurance.

Keeping the above in mind, many print companies supply bulk stock. If the company is professional, it will process your job as required. If you are unhappy, they should address the issue quickly and accordingly.

Lastly, double check the provided quote covers the full printing service as well as delivery. Harrisons Print guarantees extensive, clear advice and information about our services. If you need digital magazine printing Bromley businesses have nobody better to work with than us. We can meet any requirements and always produce high quality materials.