Printing tips for businesses considering publishing

Printed magazines continue to offer attractive opportunities to businesses. Although there has been a shift to digital many people still like physical materials to look through and interact with. In fact some people may not deal with certain businesses it if wasn’t for physical materials such as catalogues or periodic newsletters.

As you can see printing can still be a viable investment with plenty of potential. Businesses thinking of investing should do some research before rushing into it though. This means they can determine which service is the best for them and ensure the materials they send out meet their standards.

At Harrisons Print we are committed to providing the most consistent digital magazine printing Croydon based clients could ask for. Our team are creative but will deliver the best results regardless of the type of product you need, the batch size, or the frequency of mailing. Below are some of our top tips for businesses new to publishing.

1) Learn about the printing process

While it won’t be necessary to learn everything about the different machinery, types of paper, protective coatings and various other things, some basic knowledge is useful. It is good to understand the process from design to printing. As a result you’ll be more comfortable when speaking to the printer.

2) Always look at quality

Printed products can vary quite dramatically in terms of their quality. It is wise to get a real feel for the materials a print provider can create. As a result you can be completely confident in their capabilities and how your brand will be presented.

3) Look at sustainability

Printing is naturally quite resource heavy. It is wise to look at the green credentials of printers, especially what they do to keep paper waste to a minimum and how they approach recycling.

4) Think specifications and prices

Choosing a printer always comes down to two considerations; what specifications they can achieve and what price they charge. Take the time to look at this and keep your budget in mind.

5) Work closely with the designer

This will provide fantastic benefits, helping you to make the best impact with each of your printed materials. Importantly they will be able to tell you what will and won’t work. This alone could save you a lot of time, effort and expense. You can also take advantage of their knowledge and creativity.

At Harrisons Print we have built a great reputation for offering nothing but the best level of service. As a result we are the go to company for digital magazine printing Croydon has to offer. Contact us today to find out more and create a strategy.