The path towards creating a superior magazine

Although small, we are a commercial printing establishment with experience to match some of the most seasoned individuals in the industry. As one of the best businesses working in digital magazine printing Croydon has to offer, we have the means to produce first class results for every client that visits us. Placing an emphasis on speed, we strive to deliver your merchandise to you in good time every time.

There are a series of steps involved in creating a digital magazine. You must progress through these if you wish for it to be successful.

The initial step for example is to introduce a number of riveting graphics and photos. Quality pictures are critical if you intend to attract your audience’s attention. For digital ones in particular, the recommendation is 200 ppi.

Another important step involves deciding on a fitting typography and message. The manner in which you write and display your text shall change depending on the type of audience you’re looking to impress. Each typeface comes with its own nuance. Sans serif kinds were designed with digital magazines in mind.

Finally, your magazine needs to have a set purpose. Some issues entertain while others are more informative. The aim should be to add value where possible and achieve the goals. Furthermore, the text has to be well written, properly researched, and factual. When entertainment is your goal, merge together elements of graphic design and photography to tempt readers.

At Harrisons, we don’t let anything get in the way of our efforts, not even short lead times. Countless people use us solely for print services, but we can be a single source for design and delivery too. This has helped to establish us as the best for digital magazine printing Croydon has to offer. Our services are always high quality but offer great savings too.

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