Vital tips for digital printing

The biggest advantage by far with digital printing is it allows easy personalisation. This is fantastic for marketing purposes, allowing each product to be customised to suit the target recipient. This increases the likelihood of positive responses to materials.

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With digital printing colour should be one of your central focuses. If you convert images between different formats information for colours can be lost. You need to avoid this if you want the artwork to be clear. Also make sure you consider colour separation.

Testing is absolutely crucial when you design digital materials. This is because there may be restrictions on things like fonts and colours. If you fail to test, the finished products may not be how you envisaged them.

A vital thing to consider is what happens if you plan to print solids. Digital printers use toner, bonding it to paper with heat and fuser oil. As a result a number of things can affect how evenly the solids are printed including how the toner was applied. You can avoid issues such as uneven prints by adding texture to colours and breaking up large colour areas with some text or illustrations.

A final thing to remember is that not every digital printing service will be the same. The quality and finished results can differ depending on what equipment is used and the specific steps the printer takes.

When you work with Harrisons you can have confidence we will produce the best possible results. We have a passion for our work and can deliver magazines that will make the perfect impression.

Whenever they need digital magazine printing Croydon businesses should ask us to provide a tailored service for them. We will exceed expectations wherever possible, both in terms of quality and value for money. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs.