Why going paperless isn’t as green as you think

Harrison print is an experienced company, specialising in giving you a fast service. We offer both lithographic and digital print options. With developments in technology, you may be wondering if it would be better for the environment to stop using printed promotional materials. However, this is not the case. We can offer you the best digital magazine printing Bromley has while using sustainable paper sources.

Why is using paper good for the environment?

A lot of companies have the slogan “Go paperless, help the environment” or some variation. This is known as “green washing”. Paper is renewable and sustainable, where computers are not. Therefore it is not a case of stopping using paper. Instead it is about using the right materials and cutting waste.

As people have become more aware of the risk of global warming, a heavy aspect of this is looking at our forests. A lot of companies have policies where they replant trees when they use them. Using paper does not destroy the environment and forests. There are many deforestation causes. One of the biggest reasons is forest conversion to make way for houses and agriculture. Illegal logging is also a major factor as people try to save money.

Companies sometimes like to impress people by using technology in place of traditional methods. You may have seen businesses with touch screens where you can look through their products. Having a printed magazine can set you apart from others. Many consumers value having a magazine that they can flip through. Computers are also not better for the environment. Running them and disposing of technology at the end of its life is a much more difficult process.


Magazines are an item that is easy to recycle. While some products can confuse people on whether they can go in the recycling, this is not the case with paper. The majority of people are aware that this is widely recycled. What people may not be aware of is that you don’t even have to remove any staples; this is a part of the recycling process.

Why not include symbols on your magazine to let your readers know that when they finish using it, they too can help the environment. This can ensure you are doing your part to be green.

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